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Johnson Ejomah (born January 12, 1953) is a Nigerian American minister and a Pentecostal Bishop. He is the senior pastor of Bethesda Community Church Int’l Incorporated located in the city of Antioch, California United States of America.
Bishop Ejomah is one of ten children born to Mr. Oghenerurie and Mrs. Ajiro Ejomah. He was raised by his uncle Mr. J. J. Johnny with an extremely rough beginning.  

Bishop J. Ejomah received Christ in 1976 at age 24 under the ministry of Bethesda Gospel Mission Int’l Inc., an arm of well known Church of God Mission International Inc. as he was contemplating suicide to end his life because of the hopeless situation he was in. A year after his commitment to Christ, he felt the call of God to the ministry to serve his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to preach the gospel. His senior pastor at the time mandated him to ride a borrowed bicycle to and fro a total of 28 miles to pastor a local branch.  In 1979, he was admitted to attend All Nations For Christ Bible Institute located in Benin City, Nigeria under the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa. This is a formal one year ministry education. After successful completion of this program, he was posted to work under the leadership and mentorship of Archbishop Christian Owoma Aggrey. He eventually became his personal assistant as served as his Provost before migrating to USA.   
Again, in 1984, he got a scholarship to do another one year program at Elim Bible Institute, Lima NY. Bishop Ejomah eventually earned his Bachelor of Ministries from International Bible Institutes, Orlando FL, and Masters of Ministries from Golden State school of Theology, Oakland CA.

Bishop Ejomah was united with the love of his life Rev. Mrs. Charity Ejomah in April 1984 and blessed with a daughter and son. They are blessed with two grandsons so far and more yet to come by God’s grace.

The Bishop migrated to the United States in 1987 as a minister under the ministry of Bethesda Gospel Mission Int’l Inc. whose head quarters is located in Irri, Delta States Nigeria, under the leadership of Archbishop C.A. O Apena. The Archbishop is his spiritual father. Getting to the United States, he served under the leadership of Pastor Tommie Bradford who was the senior Pastor of Independent Holiness Church located in Richmond, California for 14 years as the Director of Independent Prison Ministry, a group he founded and ran with the corporation of 5 different church as they went San Quentin, San Bruno country jail, City jail in San Francisco, Richmond county jail and the county Jail in Martinez. In 2001, his family relocated to the Antioch, California where he currently serves as the Founder and Senior pastor of Bethesda Community church International.

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WE ARE COMMITTED TO PERSUADE and RECONCILE every willing soul back to God 
II Corinthians 5:21; Mark 16:15, and to continue the ministries of our Lord Jesus Christ as specified in Isaiah 61:1-2; Luke 4:18-19a
We are further committed to build a congregation of believers in Christ where all people no matter their race, gender, ethnicity and the color of their skin will feel comfortable to worship God in Spirit and in Truth without discrimination. So help us God.
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